A Photographer In Her Garden

Featuring Sandi Daniel

On exhibit December 6 2021 - January 15 2022


Featuring photography by Sandi Daniel, our first Gallery Artist solo exhibition in Newport. 


'I am a photographer; I like to go places and photograph. But this past year I found myself like so many others quarantined and unable to go places other than my backyard.


The pandemic, complicated by my printer breaking down forced me to explore other ways to express myself. I discovered cyanotypes.  Specifically, “wet” cyanotypes that use water, vinegar, spices from my kitchen cabinet and soap bubbles to make one-of-a-kind celebrations of the botanical life in my yard. The serendipity of this process was joyful and addictive. One day while studying the work, I found relationships between the photographs.  Naturally the next step would be books. The images in the books speak to each other, telling my story even farther.  I hope to inspire the viewer to see the beauty that surrounds us every day.'  ~SD