Angelo DeSista


Angelo DeSista is a self-taught sculptor and painter exploring all aspects of the human form.  His first serious attempt at creating art began in 2015.  He has found tremendous success with his online Instagram gallery, his work consistently being discovered and shared all over the world by art enthusiasts and other online galleries.  As of 2021, Fastenseatbelt68 has over 20,000 organic followers.  DeSista is represented exclusively by Coastal Contemporary Gallery in Newport RI.

Born and raised in Rhode Island, DeSista is the owner and operator of the Elizabeth Anthony Hair Salon, where he works daily on real human forms.  As a direct result of his career, Angelo has a unique style when creating his work.  He paints in reserve looking through the reflection of a mirror, canvas in lap, brush facing in towards himself.   He has been influenced and inspired by the artworks of Robert Rauschenberg, William DeKooning and Francis Bacon. 

While many have called his work dark, he does not consider himself that person, simply an artist who sees darkness in the world.  His art focuses on deconstruction.  He uses a wide variety of medium, but is drawn largely to vintage paper.  For the artist, incorporating this material is a way to recombine and intertwine the past with the present.  Looking closely at his work, there are hidden images allowing the viewer to wonder what he is saying, or perhaps not saying at all. 

Coastal Contemporary Gallery
491 Thames Street, Newport RI 02840  401.612.6121

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