Carol Scavotto

Carol Scavotto is a visual and performing artist based in Rhode Island. Her decades-long artistic practice has included sculpture, painting, needlework, fine jewelry design, and performance pieces.  Her work is both highly autobiographical and deeply relatable.


Carol earned a BFA in sculpture from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1972 and also completed training in the early 1980’s at the Jewelry Institute of Rhode Island.  For several years her artistic energy was funneled into building various art-related businesses, including founding The Springfield Arts Center in the mid 1970’s in Massachusetts, and Casanna Design in Rhode Island, which featured her own line of Jewelry.  Her drive to create space for showing her and others’ work included opening and running an Art Cafe, and establishing an art gallery housed within a high-end furniture store. 


The focus of Carol’s career shifted after a diagnosis and successful treatment of cancer in 2009. She became absorbed in creating work that was more introspective and socially relevant. She intensified her artistic practice and increased her presence in art galleries and art shows, establishing a recognizable voice in her work. 


Since 2010 Carol’s work has been exhibited yearly in group shows nationally and internationally. As a solo artist she has participated in several art fairs, including The Fountain Art Fair, Clio Art Fair and Superfine Art Fair (all in New York City). She has also exhibited with galleries showing at The Affordable Art Fair (Amsterdam), CICA Museum (Korea), Asia Contemporary Art Fair (Hong Kong), and Art Busan (Busan, Korea). Carol’s work has been featured in numerous publications and press releases, including Clio Art Fair, Art511, Recap, an Art Uncovered interview, Boston Voyager, Superfine Art Fair 2018, Studio Magazine, Newport Mercury, Artfuse, and the Fall River Herald.