Ian Mohon



Born in Texas and spending a short time in the NAVY, Ian Mohon finished his BFA and has spent the last 13 years working within New England's finest art galleries.  A painter, photographer and printmaker, Ian's recent work has re-focused on his painting with an emphasis on portraiture both of architecture and of people. Now living in Providence, Rhode Island with his wife and daughter he splits his time between family and creating new works on a daily basis.

 His current series focuses on iconic buildings in Providence and the surrounding neighborhoods. Beginning with a fractured jumble of images, the artist selects only those that will provide a broken but truthful representation of the building itself and the personality of the neighborhood. The buildings are imagined from various angels, broken and shifted, with colors both heightened and blown out. This technique gives the works a sense of wonder and confusion as walls move and colors fade; an analogous wonder the city holds with its faded colors slowly resurfacing, as Providence re-builds.


Coastal Contemporary Gallery
491 Thames Street, Newport RI 02840  401.612.6121

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