Kim Ellery


Kim Ellery is a storyteller as much as she is an artist. Born and raised in Rhode Island in the ’60s, she studied at both Rhode Island College and the Rhode Island School of Design. Her early artistic years found her working in sculpture; three-dimensional creations were her passion, but no material was off limits as she explored her creative abilities. Those initial experiences working in 3-D still inform the paintings she creates today as she layers and adds textures. She began painting in 2004 and her works are most often composed of acrylic with the occasional mixed medium.  


Ellery has exhibited extensively throughout New England, Texas and New York. She was recently featured in Acrylic Artist Magazine and chosen as the cover artist for Acrylic Works Book 4, is licensed with Gecko Rouge and DiaNoche Designs and is represented by Five Main, Eunoia and Gallery Z.