Laura Radwell



Laura Radwell, a native New Yorker, is an artist and devoted collector of visual impressions who has lived in Northampton, Massachusetts since 1974. She attended schools in New York, Massachusetts, and in France, studying language, literature and psychology. With little to no formal training, she found her own way in a variety of media including batik, sculpture, calligraphy, graphic design, and painting. In the early 1990s Radwell began focusing on photomontage, but then needed to turn her full attention to her growing business, Radwell Communication by Design.

In November of 2009 she resumed the photo-based work, deconstructing and recomposing elements of nature and the built environment. This time the work was entirely digital, beginning with photographs she captured of the landscape, deteriorating surfaces like oxidized metal and chipped paint, and objects of interest (grimy factory windows, walls showing the effects of time, cracked cement, etc.). Blended and arranged on a virtual canvas, abstractions based on real world elements were created, challenging habitual ways of seeing.

In September of 2014, she took up her oils once again. At first, the work resembled landscapes executed decades earlier. But her style quickly evolved into a new mode of painting that was actually informed by the digital work she had been doing in recent years. What has now emerged these years later, is a way of painting landscapes that is more expressive, and one that produces more abstract studies in color, texture, and form. Though abstract, the work contains an aesthetic that landscapes have often manifested over time, one which conveys feelings and emotions that range from peace and acceptance to turmoil and yearning, depending on the vantage point of the viewer.

Coastal Contemporary Gallery
491 Thames Street, Newport RI 02840  401.612.6121

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