Live With Lucy


From our event 'Live With Lucy' August 2018
Lucy Stevens presents The story of 'Lucia And The Dragonflies' 


From our artist:



Sometimes when you're working on a painting you get stuck -- you're don't know what to do next, you don't know what the painting wants to be.


Sometimes you need help. Looking for inspiration, I brought a couple of those unfinished paintings to the gallery and I invited people to paint or draw on them. Add some colors, make some marks.


Some people hesitated, they'd never been asked to do that before, but a girl with big round glasses and a pony tail immediately threw herself into the challenge. She got down on her knees and with total confidence began painting big messy dragonflies all over my painting. She told me her name was Lucia and said she loved dragonflies. To be honest, at the beginning, I was sort of horrified. I almost asked her to stop, but she was so focused and enthusiastic I just couldn't.


And it's a good thing. I took that painting home and looked at it with new eyes. This time I saw what the painting wanted to be, it was so obvious! ‘Lucia And The Dragonflies’  BLS

Coastal Contemporary Gallery
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