Featuring Annie Wildey, Linda Pochesci, Michele Poirier Mozzone


Live In-Person OPENING EVENT Friday, September 17th from 6:00-8:00 PM.  Virtual Tour to follow. 

three nostalgia.JPG

In September 2021, Coastal Contemporary Gallery features three New England artists and their paintings and works on paper.  

In Newport, we bid a farewell to an extraordinarily exciting and supportive summer.  While we enjoy our salon season immensely, it is great to be entering back into our themed exhibitions. Our featured artists convey the passing of time, sense of place, memory, longing and a shifting of light in their work. 

Linda Pochesci translates her narratives through architecture and landscape, devoid of human interference.  We sense their presence, a lingering of the spirit either having just left or preparing to enter.  The clarity and simplicity of the scenery she presents and how she includes the quietness in each detail allows us to meander in our thoughts.   


Michele Poirer Mozzone captures the figure in a state of fluid movement submerged in water.  Her daughters, friends and she herself, are her subject matter both figuratively and psychologically.  She paints the complexity of what she observes, studying the fractured, abstracted reality of color, shape and light that are reacting within a transformative environment.  Michele notates the passing of time and change.  These fleeting moments frozen, allow us to insert ourselves and unlock memories of the past. 

Annie Wildey utilizes her iphone to capture striking moments that nature produces throughout the day just outside of her loft windows and from her travels along the coastlines of New England.  She composes buttery, luscious paintings using an Alla Prima approach working directly, with confidence and an intuitive awareness of the mark.  Whether representing sky or sea, her work explores all five senses, what lies beyond and metaphorically articulates our human experiences as we push and pull through life.