Gallery Services


Coastal Contemporary Gallery offers courteous and professional assistance in curating art for private collections and providing in-depth proposals with the option of 'space specific virtual placement' to collectors, designers, architects and collaborating galleries for homes, yachts and commercial spaces.  


We offer a wide variety of artwork with an expansive network of artists, both emerging and established. Our services include In-Home/Office Consultations, Art Placement, Installation and Commission Facilitation & Liaison on special projects.


With our expertise, you can be sure that we are invested in introducing you to the very best quality artwork by vetted artists.  We are happy to arrange for studio visits with our artists to further bring you into their story, process and life.  Creativity is instinctive, thought provoking and emotional. Art can take us on a journey outside of the norm and add dimension to the spaces we live, work and play in.  Let us know how we can help.




Coastal Contemporary Gallery is partnered with Art Money -  a contemporary way to buy art. Founded in Australia in 2015, Art Money opened their first office in NYC in 2016 and is currently available in over 700 selected galleries internationally.  With a minimum of a 10% down payment, you can take your art home immediately and pay the remaining balance over the course of 9 months with Art Money credit, interest free.  Available on artworks ranging from $1000 to $50,000. 





Coastal Contemporary Gallery happily accepts or provides custom images of spaces that are asking for something special.  We digitally place artworks in consideration for your review. 






We'll bring the art to you!  Providing personal and professional visits with artworks in homes, commercial spaces, hotels, hospitals and yachts within Rhode Island, and parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Contact us for a quote to areas outside of these locations. 


Add an experience to a special occasion, schedule a small private party in our gallery with extraordinary contemporary art.  We will give you and your guests a tour of our current exhibition, share the artists' journeys and the story of Coastal Contemporary Gallery.  Limited capacity currently.  





We assist in professional, courteous curating and installation of artworks, offered at an hourly fee.  Complimentary for artworks purchased from Coastal Contemporary Gallery at a minimum value of one thousand dollars and located within Rhode Island, parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Additional regions available, please inquire for a quote.    



We can provide you with a list of vetted resources for all stages of your collection or body of work slated for exhibition.




Coastal Contemporary Gallery is happy to facilitate exclusive studio visits with collectors who are serious about learning the inside story of our artists and their processes, inspirations and working environments.  This is available with select Gallery Artists who are looking to develop strong relationships with new and established collectors. 





Now offering artists resources such as assistance with website development, writing, career development and coaching, documenting and cataloguing artwork, social media.  We are launching our video services with filmmaker Jeffrey Palmer.  Stay tuned for more information.  




Jeffrey Palmer, Filmmaker, Artist and Visionary now offers exceptional quality artist video productions.  

Start With A Mistake, Christopher Thibault
Full Launch of this production on February 8, 2020 OUTSIDE THE LINES