Featuring Adam Waimon, SW Dinge, Sumo Bunni, Jeffrey Palmer


On Exhibit through October
Artist Reception: Saturday, October 12th from 5:00 - 9:00 PM




Featuring four Rhode Island Artists Adam Waimon, S.W. Dinge, Sumo Bunni, Jeffery B Palmer. 

Our stories are told in vast ways and through great breadth of media, technique and view point.  Our lives unfold in a perpetual narrative through unique experiences and relationships.  As artists, it is our drive, passion and at times an obsession, to translate and share these stories for our own ‘selfish’ purposes and for others to experience and to become a part of.   We are the performers giving the viewers pieces of our spirits.  Coastal Contemporary Gallery will transform into a space filled with mixed media abstraction, figural painting, video media and glass sculpture.  Some tales are more transparently recognizable, while others unfold with spaces left open for the shaping of outside intervention and interpretation.


Adam Waimon works to find a balance between form, color and texture within his pursuit of abstracting nature. He intends for the viewer to bring their own associations and connections to various aspects of nature whether vague, or obvious. Giving them just enough wonderment to weave their own unique tales, Adam wishes for the narrative to be completed by each admirer’s own life and perspectives.  Waimon finds a soothing, meditation within his process and is deeply connected to a calming state familiar to that of sitting within nature. 


S.W. Dinge is a unique personality who skillfully, humorously and willingly shares life stories verbally.  Through his unique use of mixed media and paint, Dinge’s narratives are often derived from life experiences or cultural event.  He states, that ‘a good open-ended title coupled with the colors, lines, and shapes in a painting has the ability to retell stories conjured from the viewer's memory, and potentially entice new connections to be formed.’


Sumo Bunni (Shari Weschler) is focused on unveiling the multiple levels of human and humanness. Her goal is to create visuals that push into new realm and transcend obvious assumptions. Her passion lies in varied subjects such as quantum mechanics, psyche, theater, animal nature, technology, communication and ancient history.  All of these elements are found unraveling within her imagery.  Illusion and truth travel in unison - as an artist, Sumo feels it is essential to reveal some of those intertwining moments.  She believes strongly in presenting viewers with a story line to build upon, preferring not to verbally disclose all intimate details.  Her artwork in return, receives gifts in the form of outside perspectives that present her with new insights that she may have been carrying in the subconscious.


The selected works by Jeffrey Palmer, that will be projected in Coastal Contemporary Gallery, are woven with an eerie and mysterious thread, captured mostly in camera and without the use of After Effects. Some pieces offer more light than others, some open windows into a deep darkness, but all very much celebrate the song of artists in an artful way. For Palmer, music inspires visuals and, like the cave paintings of Lascaux, depict a tale worth telling and sharing with others.  This artist creates moving visual narratives through a masterful composure of multi-media including sculpture, costuming, music.


Adam Waimon
S.W. Dinge

Adam Waimon is a sculptural glass artist. His education includes Massachusettes College of Art and Design, Corning Museum of Glass and Haystack Mountain School of Craft.  Currently, represented by Coastal Contemporary Gallery in Newport, RI.


Inspiration for his work is drawn from a multitude of sources with a primary focus in the natural world. While remaining diverse in his inspiration, the resulting work is cohesive and defined.


Through a multiple stage process of blowing, sculpting, grinding/carving and reheating of the glass, Waimon is able to unearth his abstract yet relatable sculptural forms. Each stage brings technical challenge along with creative resolve. Often working in multiple forms Waimon creates a dialog between forms by activating the negative space.

SW Dinge was born in the Adirondack Region of New York and earned his B.A. at Oneonta State University in New York. He has had gallery exhibitions in Colorado, New York and Rhode Island. Currently, he resides in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.


'As a painter, I have a vision of the perfect painting. Perfect in the sense of a flawless representation of my inner voice in a visual form.'  Ultimately, he attempts to hit a bullseye on this ‘perfection’ with each painting. This vision is elusive and constantly evolving, thus creating a perpetual dilemma as the work progresses. He uses the analogy, that when we look at stars, we are unable to see them if we look directly at them. Yet, if we move our eyes to the space around a star, it will appear. He views this as similar to this 'perfect painting' idea.


The closer he thinks he is to 'nailing it down', the quicker it eludes and morphs into something different. 'To paint, is to constantly chase this ever-shifting bullseye.'

Sumo Bunni
Jeffrey Palmer


Shari Weschler branded as Sumo Bunni, is a figural narrative painter who exhibits nationally and internationally.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art, with concentration in painting and art history.  While attending MICA she also studied drawing, printmaking and gelatin silver photography.


Weschler's arts related professional experience includes, Studio Assistant for an avant-garde quilting artist, Artist-In-Residence and Elementary Arts Education through her company Artrageous Adventures.  Her curatorial experience began in Baltimore in the 1990s for The Ellicott City Theatre Gallery and continued into Rhode Island in 2013 as a partner and curator/gallery director for Coastal Living Gallery in Wickford and Warren RI.  Working with local and national artists, she hosts over twelve exhibits a year and was invited as guest juror for The Warwick Museum of Art, WAA & PAC.  As a Co-Founder of Providence Center for Photographic Arts (PCPA) she co-curated an exhibition of exceptional northeastern female photographers honoring Women’s Month, March of 2017.  Also a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate, Weschler is the administrator for Coastal Properties Group brokerage.


Weschler is an owner and the director of Coastal Contemporary Gallery founded May of 2018 in Newport, Rhode Island. 


Her work has toured globally with the Affordable Art Fairs throughout Europe, Asia and NYC through Retrsopect Galleries and Artzandra Gallerie.  She is currently represented by Woodman Shimko CA & MA and Coastal Contemporary RI, Carver Hill ME, and has been published in numerous online and print publications.


Jeffrey Blake Palmer is an independent filmmaker and an optioned and produced screenwriter based in Providence, Rhode Island. He earned an MFA in Cinema and Media Production, with a focus on Directing, at Boston University.

Jeff's music videos, short films and screenplays have been selected and screened at over 100 festivals, competitions and art events, claiming dozens of awards and recognition to date. Exploring a wide range of styles and genres, Jeff's main goal is collaborating creatively with actors and crew to capture emotional moments where truth and fiction intersect to inspire and entertain.

“When it comes to producing a music video,” Palmer explains, “My job as director is foremost to honor the song and lyrics while offering an artistic spin on the visual components. The first part of the process is typically finding the story—the narrative—embedded within the given track. Contrast makes for great drama, whether in the form of opposing forces (benevolent/nefarious) or opposing motifs (illumination/shadows) and as a screenwriter, much of my work is informed with the brush of storytelling in mind. Contrast, conflict, questions, climax and resolution."

Jeff has taught filmmaking and screenwriting at colleges and universities in New England and is currently a freelance director at Providence’s LUMINOUS Creative Agency. His most recent music video OUTSIDE with hip-hop artist Daniel Laurent was one of 5 music videos selected to screen at the 23rd Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City.


Coastal Contemporary Gallery
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