S.W. Dinge


Born in the Adirondack Region of New York, S.W. Dinge earned his B.A. at Oneonta State University in New York. He has had gallery shows in Colorado, New York and Rhode Island. Currently, he resides in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.


As a painter, I have a vision of the perfect painting. Perfect in the sense of a flawless representation of my inner voice in a visual form. Ultimately, I am attempting to hit a bullseye on this ‘perfection’ with each painting. This vision is elusive and constantly evolving, thus creating a perpetual dilemma as I work. When we look at stars, we are unable to see them if we look directly at them. Yet, if we move our eyes to the space around a star, it will appear. This is similar to this perfect painting idea. The closer I think I am to nailing it down, the quicker it eludes me and morphs into something different. To paint, for me, is to constantly chase this ever-shifting bullseye.

Coastal Contemporary Gallery
491 Thames Street, Newport RI 02840  401.612.6121

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