truth and transformation


William Kendall and Douglas Breault


September 2020

OPENING EVENT Saturday, September 19th from 6:00-8:00 PM



As we seek truths, we transform….


Pushing the boundaries of their materials, William Kendall and Douglas Breault build layered, meandering worlds of right-side-up and up-side-down.  ‘Truth and Transformation’ features and celebrates their journeys with explorative techniques and the ways in which they search for and arrive at complex conclusions.  Striking on impact, these two powerhouses are advancing the basic elements of art.  Vast overlapping lines, colors and textures form sophisticated spaces, where the eye can pause or heart skip a beat. 


Among other institutions, Breault teaches at Bridgewater State University and Kendall has since retired from BSU.  With over thirty years invested, Kendall currently holds the prestigious title of professor emeritus. 


William is a purest with his acrylic and speaks in a spontaneous language, where the edges of his expression are book ends for the dictionary containing an extraordinarily rich vocabulary.  The subject he communicates is simply the paint itself, steeped in process. Kendall has procured a hefty body of contemporary abstractions.  Using timeless methods of impasto, scumbles and glazes he prefers to work on large scale canvases, often within diptych and triptych format nestled within a single black frame.  Kendall compares his ritual to that of jazz improvisation, allowing the notes to guide him towards surprise outcome. 


Breault, an interdisciplinary artist, utilizes a great variety of medium that spans from photography, video and paint to common, everyday objects such as, but definitely not limited to, cables, clamps and televisions.  His body seems to find a way into the composition on occasion.  There is chaos on his studio floor as items are strewn about, waiting for him to find new purpose and formulate the connective tissue between narrative and memory.  He whips and muscles these items into shape, warping traditional practices to land at stunningly curious installations, sculptures and paintings. Towers of misshapen glass or mirror, with or without imagery printed upon the surface, lean on walls or against ladders. Breault, being so physically immersed in expedition, rather embodies self as subject. 


Both artists are such creative masters, each individual work of art seems to reside in many separate planes of existence in one singular moment.  We are driven into the motion of these detailed stories and set free to insert our own conclusions. 














Douglas Breault


Douglas Breault (b.1990) works as an interdisciplinary artist, frequently overlapping elements from photography, painting, sculpture, and video. He received his MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in 2017, and he currently divides his time between Boston and Providence. His work has been included in exhibitions and screenings at various institutions including the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Bristol Art Museum, the Stone Gallery at Boston University, and the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts. He currently teaches art at Bridgewater State University, Holyoke Community College, RISD Continuing Education, and is the Exhibitions Manager at Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA.


William Kendall


William Kendall holds a BS degree in art education from the University of Minnesota and MS and MFA in painting and drawing from the University of Wisconsin, at Madison.



He presently holds the title of Professor Emeritus from Bridgewater State University, where he taught painting for over thirty years.  He also spent the last twenty years as an architectural designer, specializing in early American architecture.  His work has been featured in many publications, including Architectural Digest.



He retired from teaching, and moved to the seaside town of Westport, Massachusetts.  After a ten-year hiatus, both from teaching and designing, Kendall built a studio and began to paint full-time in 2014. This move created a renaissance in his work, gaining him great prominence from the local art communities, in addition to a growing interest in his work internationally.




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