Upcoming and Current Exhibitions

June Salon

A whole new show goes up for June for an exhibition of Select Gallery Artists

June 2021


In Person OPENING EVENT Saturday, June 19th from 6:00-8:00 PM

+ Virtual Tour to follow.  

Live Painting Session with Annie Wildey

June 26th and 27th from 2:00-4:00 PM

'These intimate paintings represent a little of the beauty experienced and captured on my i-phone this past year. Glowing skies seen from my window or walks along the beach. These moments of awe were welcome daily highlights during a time of uncertainty and isolation. A reminder that as each day passes there is an abundance of beauty to be found.  
I’ve had so much fun painting them whilst also stepping out of my comfort zone, simplifying my palette, but expanding the range of colors mixed. Using an Alla Prima approach, I worked quickly letting go of accurately rendering the view in favor of capturing the energy and movement of the scene. Laying down paint with speed and confidence, honoring the integrity of the mark. This creates a seductive surface of luscious, juicy, and buttery textures that feel fresh and alive. They almost look edible!'  - Annie WIldey